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Relational Poverty Network Annual Meeting – Oct 10

Published 24 September 2014

Join the RPN for Opening Plenaries with local activist and advocate Tim Harris, and scholar-activist Frances Fox-Piven at the University of Washington in Seattle. The plenary starts at 9:00 on October 10th at the

Academic freedom and early career academia

Published 7 August 2014

Beginning duringthe very first term of graduate school, our disciplining begins, as we are guidedtoward performing our academic personalities in ways that will prepare us for tenure. My first introduction to this shaping aspectwas

Thoughts at the end of graduate school

Published 7 July 2014

Graduate school has ended for me. I’ve been incredibly fortunate along the entire path, and i continue to be as i venture forward (i have officially beguna 2-year postdoc at Dartmouth). A number of

Exercising the student ID

Published 24 June 2014

Jason and I are standing in line for the student and senior rush tickets for the San Francisco Opera. And yes, we are, as usual, the youngest people in line. It occurs to me

Writing, publishing, pirating – oh my!

Published 11 March 2014

I made an off-handed comment on my Facebook page last night: Protip: If your book is not available in “preview” through Google Books search, i’m not going to read it, cite it, or make any

CFP: First Relational Poverty Network Annual Meeting

Published 5 March 2014

The gloriously brilliant and delightful Victoria Lawson and Sarah Elwood have launched the Relational Poverty Network! And they are already working toward the first public meeting. The Relational Poverty Network welcomes abstracts for paper sessions

Grey lines of humanitarianism – finding ‘balance’ in research

Published 7 February 2014

I’m writing a chapter in my dissertation about the role of the Rockefeller Foundation during the US occupation of Haiti (1915-1934). The RF was rather reluctant to engage with the US Navy in Haiti,

Women, revolution, and “cuteness”

Women, revolution, and “cuteness”

Published 16 January 2014

I just got in a fight with one of my closest friends. He posted a picture of a young Thai woman who was running to take a picture of her friend holding a flag

moral economies / economies of death [ii]

Published 22 December 2013

One of the more disturbing aspects of my research has been the plethora of death and trophy photos that i have accidentally stumbled upon. Some of them were un-cataloged photos in an obscure NARA

Economies of Death revisited

Published 10 December 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot about death, lately. Not in a morbid way. Katie Gillespie and i have been talking about this for a long time. Her work centers on the life course of

CALL FOR PAPERS – Encountering Urban Diversity in Asia: Class and Other Intersections

Published 4 December 2013

Posted from NUS website: CALL FOR PAPERS (DEADLINE: 30 DEC 2013) This workshop is organised by the Migration Clusters of Asia Research Institute, & Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore.It alsohas

Always in all ways a potential criminal in SF

Published 24 November 2013

We recently moved to San Francisco. I’ve been struck by the ways in which people arepre-criminalized by the city. There is a sense that anyone who uses public spaces and public services are already-always

20th Annual Critical Geography Conference

Published 28 October 2013

The 20th Annual Critical Geography Conference CFP is up. Conference will be held 21-23 February 2014 in Boulder, CO. Themes this year are, “Gegraphies Otherwise,” “Critical Traditions, Revisited,” “Decolonizing Methods,” and “Diversifying Geography.” The

On witnessing violence

On witnessing violence

Published 10 October 2013

I accompanied Katieon another research field site last week. It’s been a year since our last shared excursion.This time was different. I’m not sure why. Maybe i’ve learned more tools for compartmentalizing. Maybe it’s

The unlikely yoga teacher

Published 10 October 2013

Everyone says, “Make sure you exercise” when you first start graduate school. They’ll remind you at annual meetings about life-work balance. They chime in again at check-ins. It’s a constant topic of conversation over

On Human Rights “backsliding”

Published 30 September 2013

I spent the better part of this morning reading a paper (as yet unpublished) by Andrew T. Guzman and Katerina Linos (both of Berkeley Law) titled “Human Rights Backsliding” and then attending a talk

Mysteriously missing – the Archive edition

Published 29 September 2013

I’ve been hunting for the documentation linking the Rockefeller Foundation with the U.S. military occupation in Haiti in the early 20th century. The story of Rockefeller in Haiti is old news. The RF was

CFP AAG 2014 Economies of Death

Published 26 August 2013

My colleague, Katie Gillespie and i have posted a CFP for the AAG Annual Meeting in Tampa, 2014: Economies of Death: Economic logics of killable life and grievable death Organizers: Patricia Lopez (Geography, University of Washington) Kathryn Gillespie

Governmentalities of the micro (eugenics), pt. 1

Published 28 July 2013

We had a lovely chat last night with a colleague of Jason’s and his wife – a science education policy advocate. The question of eugenics arose – on the one hand, the long and

Judith Butler, Je t’aime

Published 25 July 2013

I found an interview with Judith Butler hanging around in an open tab on my computer this morning. I have no idea whose blog i plucked it out of two days ago, so apologies